• Wrestling is a Way of Life

    The National Capital Wrestling Club (NCWC) is a volunteer led amateur wrestling club that provides year-round training and development opportunities for male and female wrestlers of all ages in the National Capital Region and Eastern Ontario region.

    Our goal is to provide the best possible development opportunities for our athletes through age-based programs, ranging from youth to high school and up to university athletes. We are committed to helping all athletes grow and have fun in this sport regardless of background or experience level.

    Through our development programs, our athletes grow into in athletic, social, dedicated and respectful members of society who understand the importance of our health and safety on the mats and at home.

  • Have fun and try your best every time you step out on the mat. Do not worry about wins and losses, just worry about giving it your best every time... and learn as much as you can!

    Jake Varner, 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist

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