• Why Wrestle?

  • There are many benefits to wrestling for children and youth of all ages!


    Wrestling uses the entire body and develops many of the fundamental movement skills such as: agility, balance, co-ordination, flexibility, speed, strength, stamina and mental fitness. This makes wrestling the perfect foundation for all other sports.


    Wrestling is fun! Wrestling is a dynamic, instinctual sport with many techniques, skills and movements that keep children engaged. Most importantly, wrestling is a community where teammates support each other at practice and in competition, and many wrestlers grow up to have life-long friendships with not only teammates, but also other competitors.


    Wrestling is sport that allows boys and girls of all ages, sizes and backgrounds to succeed! Since wrestlers are grouped by age and weight, smaller or younger kids are not at a disadvantage. All wrestlers, regardless of height, weight or build, can all be successful by learning how to use their particular body type to their advantage.


    Wrestling is a complete body workout! It not only builds cardiovascular health, but wrestlers learn how important it is to stay both physically and mentally fit. Wrestling encourages an overall healthy approach to life that incorporates healthy diets and heathy daily routines.


    Wrestling and the challenges of competition will teach children to respect themselves and others! Kids will learn to listen to and learn from teammates, coaches and even opponents. Most importantly, wrestling is an individual sport with nowhere to hide and no one to blame. This teaches children humility in winning and also humility in losing.


    Wrestling teaches hard work, discipline, fulfillment, teamwork and a sense of community to name a few. These all build confidence, determination and work ethic. Children learn confidence in all aspects of their life, from wrestling practice to home and even at school. Even children who do not compete, build confidence from regular training and gain a sense of accomplishment.


    Wrestling is a highly disciplined sport that focuses on repetition of drills, hard work, mental fitness and nutrition. Children learn to set and focus on achieving their goals. Since it is an individual sport, wrestlers learn that the effort they put it directly themselves translates into their results.