• Testimonials

  • The club has always been welcoming to new athletes and parents, there is a true sense of inclusion, respect and goodwill demonstrated by the coaches. The coaches themselves are very skilled and have excellent qualifications, which in turn has positioned many athletes to be tremendously successful in their wrestling careers.

    Samantha and Shawn Diceman

  • The National Capital Wrestling Club (NCWC) truly is a club that makes dreams a reality both on and off the mats. Wrestling was my first sport, and although I was not talented to start, this didn’t stop Chris, Sarah and all the other coaches of the NCWC from treating me like everyone else. If you are willing to come to practice and give it your all, they will make sure you are well supported. Wrestling taught me discipline, the value of hard work, and it provided me immense confidence which I was able to translate to my life outside the sport including my academics. I attribute many successes in my life, including my medical career to not just the sport, but more importantly, the club. The NCWC has some of the most dedicated volunteer coaches that are in it purely out of passion for the sport and the athletes, and once you join, you become part of a lifelong family. If you are considering a sport or extracurricular activity, either at the competitive or recreational level, I could not recommend the NCWC more!

    Reza Fakhraei, MD